Flag & Tackle FAQs

Sideline (Flag & Tackle) Cheerleading FAQs

What are the MP Cheer registration fees?
Registration fees are TBD (coming soon!)

Cheer uniforms (shell and skirt) are TBD (coming soon!)
Sibling discount
Payment plans available, with payments accepted in cash, check, or credit card*
(credit card subject to 2.75% credit card transaction fee).

What do the Registration Fees include?
Cheer Bow, Parades, Annual Picnic, Homecoming, MP Cheer Off Performance, Annual MP Cheer Banquet, End of Season participation medal/trophy, Insurance, Football and Park District Fees, Administrative Fees, Equipment/Storage, Advertising, and First Aid/Safety Ce

Do I have to buy a uniform?
Yes. Once purchased, the uniform is yours to keep. 

Are there other items I need to purchase?
Yes. White cheer shoes, navy blue or black brief, and long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck.  The Team Manager of your assigned squad will determine what color long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck for colder weather.

What is the Sideline refund policy?
Please refer to the registration forms regarding our refund policy as it is subject to change.

When does the cheer season start?
Flag and tackle cheer practices begin in late July/early August at the Team Manager’s and coach’s discretion. Flag & Tackle games usually begin the last weekend in August.

What time/day is practice?
In the summer, squads practice 1-2 days a week for 1 to 1-1/2 hours until school starts. Days/times are at the Team Manager’s and coach’s discretion. Once school starts, practice is usually 1 day per week for 1 hour in the evenings. All days/times are at the individual Team Manager’s and coach’s discretion.

Where is practice?
Practices are held at various parks in the Mt. Prospect area throughout the season.

When are the Flag games?
Flag games are generally played on Sundays at Melas Park beginning the weekend before Labor Day thru mid November.  Some games may be played during the evening on either a weekday or weekend. This schedule will be available late August.

When are the Tackle games?
Tackle games are played on Saturdays and Sundays beginning the weekend before Labor Day thru mid November.  You will cheer on either Saturday or Sunday every weekend.

When will I know the game schedule?
Flag schedules are distributed from MP Football mid to late August.  For tackle schedules, the MP Football is a member of the TCYFL.

Where are the Flag & Tackle games?
Flag home games are played at Melas Park in Mt. Prospect or at Lions Park. Tackle home games are played at Melas Park in Mt. Prospect. Tackle away games can be anywhere from 20 min to 1 hour away.

Are football games mandatory?
Yes, we would like to see all cheer squads cheering on the ML Football teams.

When does the season end?
The regular season ends in mid/November.

Who will coach my daughter?
MP Cheer
is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. One-two parent volunteers from each squad will be “team managers” and 1-2 past MP Cheer cheerleaders will be “teen coaches.”

Will my child be placed on a squad with friends?
Squad placement is based on age, number of participants signed up, and friends. We will do everything to place your child on a squad with at least one friend. 



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