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Please begin to work with your football coach on a date for your homecoming game. Typically, you will work with the football coach to set up pre & post game activities for the participants and their families.  If you have not been a part of homecoming before, you are in for a great time.  

Go to to find your coaches contact information if you don't already have it.    

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The following guidelines have been established by MP Cheer for coaches.  These set guidelines shall be adhered to by coaches at practices, games, competitions or any other event involving MP Cheer cheerleaders.


Practices will be led by coaches with cheerleaders taking direction from them.  Coaches will abide by the schedule determined by the MP Cheer Board.  The schedule is as follows:

•-         20-30 minutes of conditioning including stretching, strength training and a reasonable amount of running.

•-         30-60 minutes on learning cheers, reviewing cheers, working on and perfecting routines including arm/leg precision, movement, spacing and enthusiasm and spirit.

•-         30 minutes of stunt work


Learn how to talk and work with your cheerleaders.  What you say and how you deal with your cheerleaders impacts their life-long skills and self-image.  Reward good work.  Avoid harsh criticism.  A coach needs to concentrate on the positive-jobs that are completed.  Fostering a positive spirit among the members of the squad by example and in dealing fairly with all squad members.

Communicating tactfully with parents in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect is expected.



Working together towards a common goal.  A group needs to understand, bond and motivate each other in order to be successful.  Cheerleaders need to understand that they can't always get what they want but to adjust to what is best for the group.  It is your job as coach to gently lead them down the right path.  Remember, the girls are watching your every move.  Lead by example.


To motivate, you must instill in your cheerleaders the value for what they are doing and then reward them for their success.  You need to motivate the individual and the team as a unit.  Positive feedback and verbal praise, such as "high-fives" and "good job."

Maintaining a team's enthusiasm and morale should be one of the coach's top priorities.  You are not only there to teach the cheerleaders how to do things correctly.  It takes a special person to be a cheerleader and as the coach you must reinforce that concept of importance.  It is your job to teach, inspire, motivate and develop well-rounded cheerleaders with positive attitudes.  You, as the coach, need to focus your attention on what you WANT not on what you don't want.

•-         Concentrate on the good things that the cheerleaders do.

•-         Reward them individually and as a team every practice.

•-         Redirect a negative behavior versus reprimanding the negative behavior.  Immediately compliment any change that leads to a positive behavior.

•-         Praise progress.

•-         Concentrate on the cheerleaders that do the necessary work and training versus focusing on the ones that mess up.

•-         Make your cheerleaders feel as though they are the most important people you know.

•-         Expect a lot and you will get a lot.  They will rise to the challenge.



Direction is to be expected from MP Cheer Board members and Team Moms.  Coaches will take direction from said adults and demonstrate respect and follow-through.  Deviation from such guidelines will not be tolerated.  Coaches will also have input and their ideas will be respected by MP Cheer Board members and Team Moms.



Coaches will be held accountable for their actions and behavior.

Name calling, swearing, verbal insults, verbal threats, degrading or humiliating behaviors will be considered a breach of conduct and will result in dismissal.

We greatly appreciate all of your time and effort as coaches.  If we work together we can achieve a great deal.

"The power of messages often comes in a few well-chosen words.  Words initiate thoughts.  Thoughts provide motivation.  Motivation produces action.  A few words can speak volumes.  Words coming from the right person at the right moment, can go directly to the heart."

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